We are a full-service company. We serve both commercial and residential customers. We're as comfortable, efficient, and effective in repairing one leaky faucet in a home as we are installing all plumbing and fixtures in an entire condominium complex.

We work with contractors, schools and colleges, business owners, landlords, and homeowners. We have a showroom where we can help you choose the best heating system for your needs and budget; we will deliver it, install it, and show you how to use it.

We provide personal service.  Our regular business hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., but we will go out on weekends and nights as needed.


Emergency?NEPHA Van

If this is an emergency, please call 401-569-4536 or complete and submit a contact form immediately. This is a direct line to one of our professionals, and we will begin to help you right away.


What does licensed, bonded, and insured mean?

When a plumbing company is licensed, bonded and insured they have made a commitment and an investment to protect their customer.

  • Licensing – When you hire a licensed plumber, there is 100% certainty that the laws and codes of your state and county are being followed. Permits can be pulled if necessary and inspections can be made.
  • Bonding – Bonding is an arrangement with a third party. This is usually through a private bond issuer or a recovery fund held by the municipality. Bonding protects you against financial harm by shoddy work or property liens from unpaid suppliers or subcontractors.
  • Insurance – Insurance has two parts. First, liability insurance protects you from accidents or mistakes that could happen during the course of plumbing work. Second, worker's compensation pays for medical bills if a worker is injured on your property.